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Sergei's Back!!!

2011-06-30 12:31:28 by SergeiPetrenko

Sergei has been in Vegas for two months with his Russian cousin. Now he is back in Yekaterinburg! Now he is back with Newgrounds! Vegas is such awesome place that Sergei recommends that everyone goes there! Just don't fuck with any roofies! Sergei swears to god that Old Vegas is the shit! You know the Fremont experience? It's beautiful like Sergei's bitches! But the Strip is way more lovely. Sergei won a couple of thousands and got many bitches out there. So NG do you have any awesome Vegas stories like Sergei does?


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2011-06-30 12:32:22

Welcome back Sergei, Asandir missed you, he is a new user, so you maybe don't know him at all, sadly, Asandir had never the honour to visit Vegas, but he wants to do so in the future.
And Asandir is happy that you are back and wants to welcome you.

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Sergei thinks that he's seen you around Asandir. For a "new" user you sure do have a lot of posts.


2011-08-05 22:27:40

Are you from Russia?