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For those of you who don't know Sergei

2011-08-05 22:28:17 by SergeiPetrenko

I am Sergei Petrenko, the hero of Yekaterinburg, the Mighty Black Russian, that guy who post in 3rd person on NG. Well to speak the truth Sergei took a long leave of absence and it seems like you guys forgot about ole Sergei. For a user who wasn't here for so long Sergei has rich and storied history. New users, Sergei suggests u find out about Sergei.


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2011-08-06 14:00:42

i am gerbil rawr

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Sergei is hamster!


2011-08-06 14:03:14

I admire you.

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Thank you.


2011-08-06 16:08:52

I like you, I am Asandir.

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Thank you Asadir.