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Sergei has leveled up!

2011-08-28 12:08:37 by SergeiPetrenko

To 5!


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2011-08-28 12:20:54

One day you're gonna reach 60.
That will be he end of newgronds.
Do try not to break me please.

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Sergei would never break you Bantun, but he bets that you will make it before Sergei and that will be NG at its greatest.


2011-08-28 13:21:18

But I is not Russian!

SergeiPetrenko responds:

You can aspire to be.


2011-08-28 13:50:59

Sergey, as your "sootechestvennik" )) I congratulate you with level up!!!
Bantun, learn some english)))

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Thank you Issay!


2011-08-28 18:57:34

SergeiPetrenko is far to great to be addressed with proper grammar.


2011-08-30 21:23:39

I know you're not really Russian.

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Read Sergei's sig!


2011-09-03 20:08:09

It matters not if Sergei is Russian or not. He is Russian online, that is what you care about.

SergeiPetrenko responds:

You know it!


2011-09-04 23:14:36

At last Sergei, with strength and pride, valiantly wields the mighty fist of communism.

We will remember this great victory... until we get drunk and forget it the next day!

Za vas, comrade!

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Za vas, comrade BrazilianNinja!