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Guess who made a game?

2012-01-12 02:00:46 by SergeiPetrenko

It's Sergei and he just made a flash game. He is still learning the basics, but he was so proud of his project that he wanted to put it on NG. He feels that if professionals see his work that hey can help Sergei become as good as them.
EDIT: Please be as harsh as possible. Nothing good has ever come from being soft when somebody needs help.


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2012-01-12 02:30:15

I'll be sensitive about this, since you obviously feel very proud of your efforts: You have a long way to go.

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Oh Sergei knows that his flash is a piece of crap.


2012-01-19 00:04:07

Hello my good old Russ!