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Entry #22

Sergei's back again!

2012-12-09 23:45:01 by SergeiPetrenko

Yes you've read that right. Sergei Petrenko has come back to this magnificent site. He has taken some time of to mature as a person. He looked back on some of his posts and realized how fucking ridiculous he looked. Well since he's back let him clear up some things for you guys. Sergei is of African descent, was born in Novosibirsk, Russia, moved to San Francisco at the age of 12, and is 24 years old. Expect more mature and insightful posts from Sergei Petrenko: The Mighty Black Russian, Hero of Novosibirsk, and the Tsar of Third-Person Posts.


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2013-06-02 16:40:53

And now you are leaving us forever :(

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Yes Asandir, it's over for Sergei Petrenko. Sergei is going to miss you most of all. You were always so cool and nice and shit. Goodbye....


2013-06-02 16:54:00

get out already, faggot

SergeiPetrenko responds:

Why the hate towards Sergei?